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why sustainability is important

Softwood forests are a renewable resource, and itís a part of our job to make certain that they always are.

With over 3 million square kilometers, Canada has the third largest forested area in the world after Russia and Brazil. Many countries from around the world use Canadian wood in the construction of their products, homes and buildings. This global demand makes it important that the forests of Canada are responsibly maintained and managed by all companies involved in the forestry industry business.

A Renewable & Responsible Way for Doing Business

Probyn Export is a member with the Canadian chapter of the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). PEFC is a global organization that adheres to a strict set of member guidelines that promote the responsible use and management of our forests, as well as responsible for social practices.

Members of this organization want to see the forests of Canada harvested responsibly and with the best interests of the environment, local people and wildlife. As well, a disciplined, long-term economic view is used so that forests that are harvested can be replanted. This ensures a constant, ever-available supply of timber for the forestry industry.

Partner with Us

Certification with PEFC shows to the world that Probyn Export is committed to the best level of ethically responsible industry practices. It also demonstrates that the products Probyn Export ships worldwide are made with respect to the forests that they came from.

When you see this logo on our website and the shipping products we bring to you, by extension your business also becomes a partner in responsible forestry practices.