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The Probyn Group

Three years before the beginning of his Canadian export company, Ed Probyn formed the nucleus of The Probyn Group. With his background as a log seller working in British Columbia, Ed brought a pragmatic approach to the business of selling and buying lumber and wood products: be fair with your buyers and show them respect.

Today The Probyn Group consists of:

  • Probyn Log Ltd. (forestry, timber management, log marketing, financing & custom cutting)
  • AJ Forest Products Ltd. (Western Red Cedar mill specializing in long length timbers)
  • And of course Probyn Export Ltd.
  • Probyn Group

Strength in Partnerships

At the heart of each company within The Probyn Group the philosophy is to be fair in business. The lumber business got its start by people doing business on a handshake and their word. This is an aspect of the business that runs through all employees in each of the five Probyn companies, from the top of management down to each of the individual staff members.

Probyn Export built its reputation by delivering on commitments to our customers and our suppliers around the world. When one person's livelihood in the far east, in America, Europe, South America or anywhere is dependent on trusting the word of Probyn Export, the promises we make to you are always held in the highest regard.

Probyn Export wants to show you that we've earned the right to do business with your company. Put us to the test and let us show you how we will be your perfect business partner.