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Building Materials

Wood is a powerful versatile building material. It is strong, easily shaped and worked, can be treated to increase its strength and durability, and is visually pleasing to be used for both interior and exterior finishing as well as for roofing and home construction.

The west coast of the United States and Canada is known worldwide for producing some of the best wood for building materials. Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Indonesia and Australia all import western wood for their construction materials, which can easily adapt and work exceptionally well across many different world climates and temperate zones.

As an exporter of Canadian and American timber and building materials, Probyn Export is a longstanding member of the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). PEFC promotes sustainable forest management and encourages the proper care and stewardship of this renewable resource. We are proud to bring the splendor and functionality of Canada's and America's forests to the world's construction industries.

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